PKIDs is fortunate to work with and share the goals of several organizations and coalitions around the country.

This section of PKIDs’ website lists the health message resources we’ve developed over the years and others we've found to be useful. Feel free to take anything you like and use it as-is or adapt it to your needs. Please contact us for more information or assistance.

Tools and Resources for Partners and Other Organizations

Adolescent Best Practices—summaries of articles discussing best practices for working with adolescents

Acalla los Sonidos de la Tos Ferina—Spanish materials promoting vaccination against pertussis; English materials also available

Blog—articles on infectious diseases and related topics free for use (please cite PKIDs as the source)

Cause Communications—materials educating nonprofits in communications

Immunizations—schedules and blank records

Flu's Gonna Lose—campaign to encourage influenza vaccination of families and communities. Includes materials from website promo buttons to vaccination clinic how-tos

GETVAXED Advertisements—print ads for submission to your local newspaper or other favorite print publication. These ads encourage teens and twentysomethings to get vaccinated—can't argue with that!

Handwashing Video and Cartoon—teach effective handwashing habits at home and in the classroom with these fun videos for kids

Health Literacy Podcasts—hear why health literacy matters and learn practical ways to help.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Posters—HBV disease and vaccine information in several languages

HPV? Not Me! Buttons and Banners—free animated and static images for your website. Spread the word about HPV prevention!

Infectious Disease Workshop—educational tools for teaching people of all ages and with all levels of understanding about infectious diseases

Influenza Vaccine Production and Distribution—audio and video presentations for increasing understanding of how influenza vaccine is produced and distributed each year before and during flu season

Influenza Video PSA and Audio PSAs from CDC

M.O.V.E. Campaign (Make On-time Vaccination Easy—parent stories of vaccine-preventable diseases and audio PSAs

Newsfeeds—get current infectious disease news articles

Podcasts—audio files covering a variety of topics

PKIDs Press Releases

Promising Practices: Pandemic Preparedness Tools—peer-reviewed, online database showcasing local, county and state pandemic planning; enables public health professionals to learn from each other and to build on their own pandemic plans

PSAs (Public Service Announcements) from PKIDs—covering a variety of subjects

Public Health Emergency Preparedness—manuals, articles, webinars, videos and more for those interested in preparedness issues; includes pediatric information

Silence the Sounds of Pertussis—posters, brochures, audio and video PSAs to promote immunization against pertussis; Spanish materials also available

Someone You Know Has HBV/HCV—pamphlets for families to give to others to help them understand what it means to know someone with chronic viral hepatitis

Standard Precautions—2-page handout describing the why and how of disease prevention techniques for daily living

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