Infection Protection

Don't Let Germs Move In

don't let germs move in

by Laurel of Alameda, CA

To say that art figures into my life would just make it sound like another activity---it's so much more than that. When I'm not sketching or coming up with new ideas I'm dancing or singing or writing. Art is just what makes up my life: it's how I see, taste, and breathe...

...the phrase, "wash your hands" has always been apart of my vocabulary. a teenager going to a public high school it's easy to see why I'd be aware of germs. I could go into it, but I'd probably just make you want to take a cold shower; let's just say one can't help but not wash one's hands going to high school (I think any lab scientist would have a field day just examining our lockers). That's not to say that teenagers are pigs, but we certainly don't always take our parents "silly" advice, even if all it requires is some soap. 

Especially with this swine flu coming around the corner it's important to stay on one's a-game. Although we can't control how other people take care of themselves, we can control how we do. The easiest way is to wash before every meal and as my mother still tells me, "stop biting your finger nails!"

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For more information on handwashing, visit our "infection protection" links or the Global Handwashing Day website.

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