One day in May, eight families affected by vaccine preventable diseases gathered in a small studio in New Jersey to share their stories.

Each of these stories is now available in a variety of formats and lengths for use by your organization free-of-charge.

Branded videos contain the "PKIDs.ORG" end slate; unbranded videos are provided for organizations wishing to create their own end slates.

These families were not paid for their efforts, nor were they told what to say. They all took the time from their lives to travel to New Jersey and share their stories with the hope that those watching might avoid the pain they’ve experienced.

We offer thanks to D2 Creative for their sensitivity, caring, and artistic excellence in the making of these audio and video recordings.

The following vaccine preventable diseases are included in these stories:


These stories were made possible by funding from parents and PKIDs, and educational grants from Merck & Co., Wyeth and Novartis.

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