Silence the Sounds of Pertussis

What to Ask Your Pediatrician About Pertussis Vaccination
  1. How can I protect my baby before he/she is old enough to be vaccinated against pertussis?

  2. Should everyone in my family be vaccinated against pertussis? What about grandparents, the babysitter, my older children?

  3. If we are not vaccinated, what is the risk to my baby?

  4. What vaccination is available for adults and older siblings?

  5. How often should we be vaccinated?

  6. When can my baby be fully immunized?

  7. What is the immunization schedule for my baby?

  8. How can I keep track of the vaccinations to make sure my baby is fully immunized?

  9. Is it possible for an infant to have pertussis while receiving scheduled immunizations?

  10. Is everyone in your office who has close contact with patients vaccinated against pertussis?


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