Communications Made Easy


Welcome to PKIDs’ Communications Made Easy (CME) program. It’s free, it’s fun, and it makes our jobs so much easier!

If you or your colleagues communicate with the public to promote immunizations, then CME is for you.  We help immunization educators learn the ropes of social marketing and traditional and social media through this fun, easy-to-understand program.

PKIDs’ CME uses webinars, one-to-one tech assistance, and an eToolkit loaded with goodies such as templates, how-to videos, and tutorials that take the guesswork out of your communications planning and make your outreach all the more effective.

As a bonus, this program includes admittance to a national network that connects groups and increases resource-sharing among participants, allowing all of our budget dollars to stretch a bit further.

To learn more about the importance of this program and how to take advantage of it, please watch the video of our program overview webinar.

In order to take full advantage of the CME program, you need to be a registered user.

Program components:

Resource Database

Find immunization education resources for your own use, and share yours with others.  Branded or unbranded posters, PSAs, pamphlets and other valuable tools you can use for your outreach efforts are made available to you through the resource database.

See something you like?  Reach out to the contributing user and ask about getting it for your own use.  Have some things others can use?  Upload the details and links.  Sharing resources allows all of us to stretch our dollars a little bit further.


Connect with each other on Ning!  Participate in discussions, upload and share documents, photos and videos, and form specialty subgroups.  Want to instant message?  No problem.  So many features in this network designed just for us.  Come, join!

Webinars/Conference Calls

Throughout 2010 and 2011, webinars and conference calls provide training on a variety of communications topics, including:


Scores of articles provide information and detailed instruction on more than 70 traditional and social media tools to use when educating the public on immunization as an effective preventive health measure.

Instructional videos will be added throughout the program period to supplement the articles.

Quarterly Updates

Registered users stay up-to-date on new additions to the eToolkit and relevant advances in social media through periodic updates.

Technical Support

Receive individual assistance on the most popular social media tools via phone, email, or Skype.

More Questions?

Visit our FAQ page or contact us directly:

PKIDs (Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases)
P.O. Box 5666
Vancouver, WA 98668
360-695-0293 voice
360-695-6941 fax
877-55-PKIDS toll free

This program is funded by PKIDs and with ARRA funds through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

References to "CME" indicate "Communications Made Easy," and not "continuing medical education." There are currently no continuing medical education credits available for any components of the Communications Made Easy program.